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Submissions for Thriving: An Anthology have closed

Thriving: An Anthology

From global events to microscopic movements, change happens around us, to us and within us. We are challenged to adapt, plan, grow, rethink, relax, endeavor, risk, feel and act. How do we live robustly when plans are disrupted and wellbeing is threatened? How do we find purpose? Feel joy? Be creative? Achieve? Connect? How do we thrive?

Camels thrive differently than orcas, who thrive differently than ladybugs who thrive differently than villages. While we can’t reduce thriving to one uniform condition, we sure do know it when we see it and when we feel it. We can wonder about thriving, explore and share it, exult in and be changed by it. We can communicate it so others can enter our experiences.

Thriving is an anthology of original, creative writing and illustration that revels in the state we call thriving. Each piece will uniquely delve into its myriad facets, pathways, circumstances, manifestations, inputs and outcomes.

Project Guidelines

Focus: “Thriving” is the focus, in all its glory and forms , often in the aftermath of grave challenges. Your piece can be narrative, impressionistic, humorous or evocative. The words thrive and thriving do not need to be present in your submission or its title: “Show, don’t tell” is a wise guide here.

Readers: Somewhat literary-minded, self-reflective adults; older adults and others with some difficult life experiences of their own; adults seeking hopeful inspiration.

Purpose: Pleasure reading of an uplifting nature. Readers should feel inspired and able to find universal truths within the specific works.

Not the Purpose: This is not a self-improvement manual or a step-by-step guide to any—certainly not to any particular—spiritual path, religion, action or belief system; it does not proselytize, prescribe or chastise.

Genres: Poetry and short prose: fiction and creative non-fiction such as memoir and history. Black and white illustrations and photographs. (Honoraria of $10 per accepted work.) One full-color photograph or painting/illustration for use on the cover (Cover artist(s) will receive an honorarium of $100 upon publication with a cover design incorporating their piece).

Project-Specific Submission Guidelines will be found at our Submittable page. All submissions must be made through Submittable. 

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