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Exsolutas Press

About Us

Exsolutas Press was founded to publish books “that pry open dead questions and give birth to new ones. We seek truth and extraordinary perspectives in poetry, prose and humor.” The small press was founded by Rhonda Rosenheck, a poet and writer with experience in school leadership, copyediting, and entrepreneurial pursuits.  The company’s erotica imprint, Bound/Unbound, seeks to publish “erotica with a frisson of affection.”

Exsolutas Press's first projects, beginning with Thriving: An Anthology, releasing in early 2023, are thematic anthologies. 

Book Development and our Relationships with Authors

The founder will conduct all acquisition and content editing or assign it to contractors. Book design, publicity and marketing may also be contracted out, or partly so. For health reasons, the founder tightly curates her daily activities. All project timelines are, by necessity, long and flexible. While submission receipts will be automatically acknowledged through the portal Submittable, a decision response may take up to eight months.

Book Publication, Distribution and Sales

Exsolutas Press publishes in Print-on-Demand and eBook formats through IngramSpark. This service includes listings and wholesale distribution by Ingram, the largest book distributor in the US with a sizeable global presence. Books will be available through the major US and international e-tailers and hundreds of other bookselling sites, such as Brick-and-mortar shops can order books wholesale, as can the publisher (which it will gladly do for its authors.) Exsolutas Press might partner with a small-business owned bookshop as its primary bookseller.

Marketing and Promotion

For each publication, Exsolutas Press will craft a basic press kit, distribute a press release to its lists, and include links to sales platforms on our website and social media platforms. We will reach out to sellers and distributors with whom we have developed a relationship.

To ensure each book does as well as possible, authors are encouraged to play a key role in the press’s marketing efforts. This includes posting marketing assets on their personal social media accounts, inviting direct book sales among their extended networks, and reaching out within their local communities and beyond to schedule book readings, signings, talks, and other events and appearances. If Exsolutas Press attends a sales event, such as a book fair, the author is encouraged to be present to increase book sales.

While we do not have the marketing budget or resources of a larger literary press, we will champion your work with vigor and to the best of our ability.

Rights and Payments

We purchase first-release rights for accepted anthology submissions. Immediately upon release of the anthology, rights to each piece of writing or illustration reverts to its author/creator. Unless otherwise specified in writing, creators of published submissions are honored with a modest one-time payment as defined in the contract, a free eBook of the anthology, and a 30% discount on up to ten books purchased at one time from Exsolutas Press.

Book authors receive a free eBook, five free print copies, a 35% discount on further copies purchased from Exsolutas Press, and royalties. Royalty payments, as defined in the contract, will be issued annually based on Exsolutas Press direct sales and wholesale reports by IngramSpark. 

Book cover art will also be rewarded a one-time honorarium, detailed in the contract and paid within three months of the publication date.


Submission fees will be refunded only in the case that, after accepting a submission, Exsolutas Press cancels the project or changes its focus in a way that excludes the submission.

Calls for Submission

Calls for submission can be found at our website and at

Submission Guidelines

Each project has specific guidelines that will be available on its page at

Send excellent, original work that has not previously been published, off- or online, and is in direct response to a specific call for submission. We define “previous publication” as having appeared (even in an earlier version) in any publicly-accessible print or digital format, including self-publishing and online, such as in zines and on publicly visible social-media sites. In some cases, our anthologies can include previously published work, so don't be shy about asking.

Submit complete, well edited and proofread manuscripts that follow the specific project’s guidelines. We will only consider submissions that are directly relevant to our calls for submissions.

When art and illustrations are called for, submit one jpeg image for each work; formatting specifics will be shared when submissions have been accepted.

Exsolutas Press has sole discretion regarding accepting submissions. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged; please message us promptly through Submittable to withdraw a piece that has been accepted elsewhere. Unless we directly request that you revise and resend a piece, we will not consider re-submissions.

A parent or guardian must sign all contracts for authors under 18 years of age.

Submission fees may be waived if they present a hardship. Please email with an explanation/request, and then wait for our response before submitting work without the fee.

If you mistakenly submit the wrong document, please message us through Submittable before you withdraw and resubmit it. If the error is discovered quickly, we may be able to open your submission to editing and allow you to swap files. 

We welcome work that engages culture through languages other than English, as long as the majority of the work is in English. If you originally wrote the work in another language and translated it yourself, please let us know. We do not publish translations of other authors’ work.

Plagiarism and AI-produced writing or art will result in rejection of said work and denial of all future opportunities to publish with Exsolutas Press.

Exsolutas Press will not publish work that exhibits, fetishizes, encourages or preaches hatred or violence. Its erotica imprint, Bound/Unbound, publishes only works that represent consensual acts among/between individuals who are fully capable of withholding consent.

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